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Top Tips For Winter Riding

With temperatures dropping rapidly and December upon us, we thought we’d share some seasonal tips.

Protecting yourself as the nights get darker and the weather increasingly cold is vital. It should go without saying that a decent set of lights is a must have, but an additional rear light or set reflective stickers can dramatically improve your visibility to other road users.

Although not everyone’s cup of tea, hi-vis clothing, from full jackets to arm or ankle bands are also going to get you noticed.

To combat the weather, why not try layering up? A base layer like the Endura Merino Wool range will insulate you whilst staying dry no matter how much you sweat with effort! Add a long sleeve jersey as a mid layer and finish off with a decent winter jacket and the worst weather won’t keep you indoors this winter.

Your legs needn’t feel left out, as Lusso do a great “Roubaix” range of tights and bib tights that will prevent the cold stopping play. If winter boots are a step too far, neoprene overshoes will keep the water out and the heat in at a fraction of the cost. There’s a wide range of winter gloves available, as well as glove liners to improve the warmth offered by an exisitng pair.

Protecting your bike is just as important, grit on the roads may be brilliant at stopping ice but it can also ruin a paint job and wreck your drivetrain. Frame protection tape will see off the worst spray from the roads and a weekly clean of your transmission and lubricating it with a wet lube will keep it running smooth.

Remember; the more you ride this winter, the more of an excuse you have to indulge in tasty food at Christmas!

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One Big Adventure

We love it when a conversation with a customer starts with them saying “I have this plan for an adventure…”

Simon’s first visit to Bicycle Doctor began in much the same way. With time spare before starting a new job, he’d decided to ride the length of the Danube, beginning in Northern Europe and following it to the Black Sea. All he needed was the right bike for the trip.

Step (or roll) forward the Surly Long Haul Trucker. We’ve sold many a LHT over the years, some as they come as completes straight out of the box, but far more as custom options beginning with the frame and an idea of a journey.

With a high quality 4130 grade steel frame, long wheelbase and fittings for panniers, the LHT is the ultimate go anywhere machine. With a rider who wants to go places, the bike will take them there. Simon sent us this picture and a brief update from 1,000+ kms into his journey; all is well, loving the bike.

Enough said really!


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Cotic Rocket

Well, I’ve just got the nicest bike I’ve ever owned! It’s a brand spankers ‘Rocket’ …Built up Friday night for a whole weekend of Lake district bridleways in the rain, It was Ace!

It’ll mostly be kept safely in the shop, so with an advanced call you could pop down and have a spin round the block (come laden with biscuits)

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June Sale! – Upto 50% off Bike Luggage and Footwear

For this months promotion we’re reducing a whopping great list of cycling Shoes, Pannier Bags + Racks. Get some new kit for commuting, touring, shopping or flaunting…
Road shoes, MTB shoes, Casual shoes even Sandals. Racks, Panniers, Bar Bags, Rack Bags and Briefcases!

10% off Bar Bags + Rack Bags

20% off all Tubus Racks

All Altura Panniers At Least 40% off


















Altura Urban 17 briefcase                                   £69.99 -50%- £35.00
Arran 46 Panniers                                                  £59.99 -40%- £36.00
Dryline 32 Panniers                                               £79.99 -40%- £48.00
Urban 20 Dryline single pannier                      £49.99 -40%- £30.00
Arran Attache Brifcase                                         £39.99 -50%- £20.00
Orkney 56 Panniers                                                £119.99 -45%- £66.00
Night Vision 20L single pannier                       £49.99 -40%- £30.00
Urban 20 Single pannier                                      £49.99 -40%- £30.00

Various Footwear At Least 40% off











The possibilities are endless…

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Cotic Complete’s – new In Stock!

We’re pleased to present these new additions at Bike Doc. Two fine bicycles from Peak District based manufacturers Cotic .. The cyclocross supreme ‘X’, and the tarmac whippet ‘Roadster’

Like most of Cotic’s bikes they’re made of steel for a lively and comfy ride, and what an enjoyable ride it is on such well made, well designed bikes! We’re very proud to be the first dealership in the City! Test rides available.

They can be bought as framesets or complete bikes, with many choices of spec options, the ‘X’ completes starting at £899.99 and the ‘Roadrat’ completes at £575. For more information see the links below to Cotic’s site. Custom built mountain bikes available, pop in for a chat about them.


Great promo vid for the ‘X’:


Cotic’s background is in excellent (mostly steel) Mountain bikes, I (Tom) was very excited to have the chance to make the visit to Cotic HQ in Calver to test ride their exciting new, love it or hate it Steel full-suspension bike, the ‘Rocket’. The only real reason for the steel front triangle is for the narrow profile tubing to accomodate such a small ‘droplink’ suspension link, but it means it’s in keeping with the others. Yes, it was still light, and yes, it rides fantastically! The liveliest thing Ive ever ridden down a technical descent in the Peaks! Can I have one then please? Here’s the demo model I rode after I’d wrecked the rear tyre on a corner.. Sorry about that.


And finally… the icing on the cake was spotting this cheeky bike hiding in the corner, It’s a 953 Stainless Steel ‘Soul’. It won’t make production because of various strength/price issues but this looks pretty well used to me!




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Robbie Rides Off Into The Sunset

Well…maybe not the sunset, but Robbie has retired from Bicycle Doctor and will be riding off around his favourite spots; as far afield as the Alps to more local routes such as the leafy lanes of Cheshire.

Robbie was a founder member of the Bicycle Doctor Co-operative which opened its doors on Dickenson Road in 1983. His time at the shop saw many changes; from mainly carrying out repairs to stocking exotic carbon bikes. Robbie was more than a shop worker in his time here; he was part of a charity ride with ex-England footballer Geoff Thomas that rode the Tour De France route three days ahead of the race in 2005 to raise money for Leukaemia research and he completed the Paris-Brest-Paris audax (all 1200kms of it) three times.

After imparting his encyclopedic knowledge to the remaining Bike Docs, Robbie has earned his retirement!

He was given the traditional Bicycle Doctor send off of a delicious meal at the excellent Lime Tree Restaurant.

We thank Robbie for his years of dedication, passion and enthusiasm and will miss him around the shop.

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TFGM Cycle Challenge

Transport for Greater Manchester Cycle Challenge is a fun, free competition where workplaces compete to see who can get the most people cycling.

Check it out !

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We’ve Created A Monster!

Normally only found in the baron snowscapes of Alaska, we’ve custom built a rare 9:Zero:7 Fatbike!

Great for Snow, Sand and MUD Glorious MUD!

26 x 4.0" tyres on 80mm wide rims!

135mm Rear hub in the front wheel!

Surly's 'Mr whirly' Chainset - the only thing wide enough for these frames

11 Speed Shimano Alfine Internally geared hub, and Hope Tech 2 Brakes

Crank Brother's Uppy-Downy seatpost

The Business.

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Rainbow Generator / Dream Syphon Machine


Hope Manufacturing sent us some sworth and offcuts so we manufactured this powerful device

Posted by: bicycledoctor | December 18, 2011

Worlds smallest unicycle!

click here for video.

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